THEA – for industrial gas business

Gases from A to Z

Industrial gases, medical gases, specialty gases

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Technical gases, medical gases, special gases (such as laboratory gases or test gases) – gases from A – Z – with THEA we have software for your daily business.

Whether rental cylinders, exchange cylinders, deposit cylinders or customer cylinders as well as tanks – all this can be flexibly managed with THEA – the industry software for the trade in industrial gases. With THEA, rental invoices for gas cylinders with free stocks on a daily basis can be managed quickly and easily – even as part of the basic equipment.

The customer contact is the action centre in THEA – you start approx. 80 % of all daily actions concerning your customer in this programme and have all relevant information at a glance. Of course, the tour accompanying documents for HGVs are also geared to your industry.

Container rent fee:
  • Different rent and utilization models can be demonstrated, combined and accounted.
  • Instant invoices, monthly invoices including the display of all movements.
Flexible container accounting
  • All cylinder types (change, rent and utilization cylinders) can be used for the accounting.
  • Reconstruction of the actual movements and stocks of the customer or agency.
Container tracing
  • Container can be traced correctly
  • In interaction with the load a simple but effective instrument
Agency stocks
  • Agency placement
  • Reconstruction of the movements and transparent accounting
  • Production on plants for single or multiple cylinders
  • Disposition on the basis of minimum stock levels
  • Demonstration of the whole production and supply chain
  • Paperless load administration which can be combined with barcode and RFID recording
Accounting of transport costs and additional costs
  • Customer individual accounting of additional costs. Value and quantity dependent or per order.
  • Fully automated
Tour optimization
  • An approved and reliable system is used for tour optimization
  • Fix tours can simply be planned with order tours
Commission calculation
  • Sale or turnover commission
  • Active partner support
Materials management
  • Quantities and values, optimized for the LPG-business
  • Integration of agencies and external stocks
Special highlights and added value of THEA – the solution for the commerce with industrial gas
  • With THEA you own a modern system for the industrial gas branch. It offers a modern software architecture and strong customer focus.
  • Competitive advantages are achieved continuously by a high service level in customer relationships. With the THEA customer contact management you act actively on the market.
  • THEA is mandator and agency capable, freely scalable and characterized by a comprehensive authorization control.
  • The system is open for further business areas.
  • THEA offers continuous integration and a transparent presentation of your value-adding business processes.
  • CASH – the electronic cash book – is completely integrated.
  • With THEA the requirements for the GGVS can be handled in a lean way.
  • Due to our concentration on the branch you will receive a standard package, which is tailored ideally to the wishes of the branch.
  • Amazing user interface with ideal user friendliness.
  • With THEA and OLGA you can also easily do commerce with liquid gas.
    Due to the integrated load tracing you will get security even in the medical area. This opens up markets!
  • Just benefit from our consulting competence regarding the optimization of business processes
It will be a pleasure for us to help you!

Benefit from our expertise

Every industry has its own specific software requirements. In order to cope with the rapid changes in the economic environment, companies must be extremely adaptable. This includes the integration of processes, the development of new productivity fields and the optimisation of the interaction between employees, customers and suppliers.