Technical gases

Gases from A – Z

Technical gases, medical gases, special gases (such as laboratory gases or test gases) – or simply gases from A – Z and in addition rental cylinders, exchange cylinders, deposit cylinders or customer cylinders as well as tanks – all this can be flexibly managed with THEA – the industry software for the trade in industrial gases.

With THEA, rental invoices for gas tanks with free stocks on time and usage contracts can be created quickly and easily to the day. And this in combination with basic equipment – i.e. with free stocks on time. THEA offers end-to-end integration and transparent presentation of the value-adding business processes for:

  • Cylinder and tank business
  • Agency and end-customer business
  • User contracts in a wide range of variants
  • Materials management with stocks and valuation
  • Integration of suppliers
  • Production and production control
  • Freight and additional cost processing with customer-specific settings
  • Batch tracking as a main component of quality assurance – monitoring of the batch from delivery through production to the customer
  • Rental variants customary in the industry – rental invoices per customer or for a specific period and different rental prices, also depending on the rental period and display of rent-free stocks
  • Container tracking and tracing – you can determine the routes and locations of your containers at any time.
  • SEPA-compatible