Latest features, improvements and optimized designs of the input screens are waiting for you and are ready with our OLGA and THEA release H15. We have summarized the following key highlights here in compact form for you:
We will provide a very special release – it will be the first release on the MAGIC XPA platform.

In the future, OLGA/THEA Release H15 will open up a wide range of possibilities to put your business on „mobile legs“. The special highlights this year will be:

+ Who hasn’t yet, who wants to again? Fill up your tours with our map-based display of tours and nearby customers. You can see the customer and the fill level – all in one map

+ configurable, central customer contact in HTML and XML

+ sales-dependent rent – new possibilities for rental contract design

+ quantity-based discounts – new possibilities in pricing

+ enhancements in the price approval process

+ extended order texts

+ Microsoft Sharepoint connection

+ integration VERA – the app for the field service

+ OLGA on the MAGIC XPA platform and thus:

possible integration of business-critical processes on mobile platforms.
Support by Magic XPA of typical smartphone functions, such as: Touchscreen, gesture control, GPS etc. in the mobile applications forcier
comprehensive integration with Voigt back-end systems in real-time OLGA on the MAGIC XPA platform and thus
All modules have been migrated/converted to the new platform and put through their paces in our company.

And we offer much more – contact us – you can reach us at +49 7062 9155 0 or at the email address