CASH – cash ledger


careful booking of business transactions


Interface of every gas trader


Automatically transferred to the connected financial accounting system


Authorisations can be controlled individually for each user

CASH is the electronic cash ledger for your enterprise – the software solution for the management of income and expenses. Careful accounting of business transactions is the basis for an accurate overview over your current balance.

Thanks to its extensive functionalities and the complete integration into OLGA – the software solution for the LPG sector – and into THEA – the software solution for industrial gases – CASH can fulfill the requirements of any gas trader. Interfaces allow the data to be accounted automatically in OLGA, THEA and in the financial account system – e.g. SAP. Invoices and credits for cash sales, which have already been recorded, do not have to be re-entered into the cash ledger. They are automatically transferred into the CASH ledger system from OLGA and THEA. While recording data in CASH, it is automatically transferred to the connected financial accounting system via OLGA or THEA. This ensures that business transactions are recorded systematically and kept up-to-date. Real-time entry of ledger data means that the user has always an overview over the balance, and that he can check it at any time.

After end-of-day closure, the balances are automatically transferred to the next day. When business closes, the day is blocked for further bookings – a new day is opened.

CASH allows users to display several cash registers. However, the standard accounts, standard cost centers and standard cost units can still be defined separately.

Special features and added value of CASH – the electronic cash ledger:

  • Fully integrated system in OLGA – the software solution for LPG business
  • Fully integrated system in THEA – the software solution for industrial gas
  • Automatic booking of OLGA and THEA cash sales
  • Quick recording of Cash ledger items without entering account assignments
  • Simple handling and entry of cost centers and cost units by using predefined specifications in customizing
  • No unauthorized bookings due to password protection
  • Entered cash ledger items can be reassigned in the central financial accounting system
  • Every cash ledger item can be reassigned
  • Transfer of cash ledger items to the financial accounting system
  • End-of-day and end-of-month closing with printout of a cash ledger
  • Rights can be tailored to individual users
  • Balance viewing and monitoring with up-to-date data (real-time request)
  • Connection to cash register system possible

Each ledger item can be sub-assigned according to needs and individual requirements. Due to pre-defined control records and accounts, cash ledger items can be entered much faster. This means that even employees with no previous experience in financial accounting can run the cash ledger. The rights for all functions can be controlled individually for all users. The administration of the system is managed via an application control, which can store individual and group rights structures.